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First Day

I walked out into the world with a different attitude today. Like "hello, I'm bi" - finally. I was struck teary with all the sweet comments left to me t make me feel welcomed. So touched. I have been more nervous than I expected. I feel so 12 around pretty girls. Which is funny because I'm a take charge type with guys.

So I met one of the girls I like for drinks at the Wild Rose tonight. Sang karaoke, had one delicious lemon drop, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. There are so many kinds of women in this bar... all of them have their own beauty, their own delicious edge.

I finally worked up the courage to let this friend know what was up. Last time I saw her, I was sure she was hitting on me, but too nervous to do anything about it. I was afraid SHE felt rejected, which is silly... but anyway. I can tell she's thinking about what I have said. I don't know if anything will happen with her, but I am glad to have an understanding friend to go out to girl occasions with.

So... yay.
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