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I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to think I'm not so much bi as I just really like boobs. *laughing to herself* Ok, and pretty faces. And torsos. Um, I dunno. I mean, I never find myself fantasizing about much below the waist. Goofy! I have found myself interested in the nether regions once I get past the boobs but, pretty much, from here I just want the boobs. Not all boobs, mind you. And certainly not boobs that are off limits. All the planets have to be aligned properly. Not all women (even beautiful ones) attract me. It's more of an attitude, something flirtatious in her vibe that makes me do a double-take. But when it does happen, I suddenly find I'm having a hard time keeping eye contact.

*giggles* What a pig! I feel so Beevis and Butthead admitting that. Good thing I'm self amusing.
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