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I'm a woman who has never freely explored my attraction to other women. It is time that I do. This journal is anonymous, for the comfort level of friends of mine here on lj for whom my posts here would be TMI. I have another journal as well, but this one is for more private thoughts. I'm certainly willing to reveal myself as I get to know you, and I'd be up for meeting people I connect with from here. I am still loosely dating my best male friend, who has been an amazing support to me through all of this. He knows I have this journal, but he chooses not to know where it is, and to let me explore my attraction to women without him being involved. I don't know where he and I will end up, and he is ok with that. He truly loves me selflessly enough to simply want to see me be true to myself, and at peace with my truth.

I want to experience women. Sex with a woman. Perhaps even a focused relationship with a woman - a chance to explore something more than just flirting, perhaps ongoingly, with the right person. What it comes down to is that I want to be free to love whomever I love, unfettered by pressure to "choose a side". I am learning to accept where I am right now, and that anything can change.

I need like-minded friends, so please add me to your list if you like, and I'll add you. :)