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Wow. Kind of scary few days.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were looking at apartments, and we were very nearly suckered into committing to a year-long lease at kind of a seedy place. The places are huge and cheap, but there were a lot of things that set off warning bells and I was arguing with them all day. I thought I'd shut up the fears until, late last night, a friend said it seemed too good to be true (which I resented at first). I laid awake freaking out and was very grumpy and freaked out on my man. I really sat and thought about all my fears and decided to back out.

I also am requesting that we spend some time apart. We've been together practically every spare moment for the last few months, and I've been getting more and more skittish. I tried to blame it all on fear of being hurt or old wounds or what have you, and it still won't go away.

I have a sincere belief that this is The One. For that reason, I am determined to run it through every test, including time apart. I feel relieved and happier with him already.
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