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Last Night at the Rose

I've been thinking about my new friends today. I am very excited about you all!

So tired today. I felt queasy this morning so I didn't have any coffee and DAMN I feel it. I fell asleep fully clothed in a well-lit breakroom for 15 minutes. That's practically impossible for me.

I'm not sure I'm really into the gal I hung out with last night. For a liberal bi girl, she's very southern old fashioned. I found myself having to take initiative for everything we did, and not sure what she wanted. I felt like a guy, and that's not me. It felt odd. Forced. Don't get me wrong... I'm not one to sit back and be somebody's princess. And I certainly like to be considerate to my friends. I'm one of the types to go around and unlock the passenger door before I get in to drive. I just don't want to feel like it's expected. I am more inclined to hang out with another strong, lively woman who are on equal turf with me.
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